Cryptocurrency BURST open a decentralized and free market Introducing cryptocurrency BURST’s MARKET In the beginning of 2015, cryptocurrency BURST delivered several press releases on the development towards a truly decentralized, trustless and smart contract-based Internet, implementing Automated Transactions (AT) technology created by CIYAM Developers. Today we are proud to announce the BURST MARKET explorer. The MARKET, found at, offers an easy way to see items available for sell and allowing people to put up their own ads. A few items are already for up sell, but as the supply and range of products increase a tool for searching for items of interest has been developed. The market is located inside the BURST wallet and payment is consequently done in BURST, which easily can be bought or traded at, and Also, since escrow is built into the BURST wallet as well, easy escrow can be setup. The ability to buy and sell items is, in fact, already fully available on the BURST MARKET. Why BURST MARKET? As BURST has the benefit of a free marketplace without fees, no taxes and no central authority setting the rules and being truly decentralized, the reasons to use a centralized marketplace such as eBay are less. In addition, further research is pursued, which will make BURST MARKET even more attractive, creating one huge market for AT implemented coins. We believe that the future is in BURST, AT and its various implementation, so why not get used to the future already today? If you have questions about the services we offer, please ask them in our dedicated BurstForum,com. However, make sure to visit the new MARKET at, likely to set the standard for upcoming online-shopping. With a team of over 15 dedicated developers working with core features, software and promotion, the development is moving fast for BURST. At the moment much research has been pursued the last months, and many new features, tools and services will be released shortly.

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